Scanning the AmuletAmulet-NFCdemoLow

The Amulet’s contain a NFC chip.

Scan the back of your Amulet with your NFC Enabled Smartphone.

It will take you to the Amulet Feed where I involve you into my artistic practice.

Not sure if your phone has NFC? Here is a link I found listing devices with NFC.

No Smartphone? I am working on Amulet-Hubs that will be placed in public spaces! (beginning with Rotterdam)

These will be portals where you can scan your Amulet too.

Have a suggestion on where you would like to see a hub? Let me know!

For this and technical support please contact me at or


Amulet EncountersJoeySchrauwen_Taciturn_hires_WilliamvanderVoort-006.jpg

photo by William van der Voort -> Cloakture

The Amulet feed does not only contain my work,

it also announces Amulet Encounters.

These encounters vary from live Performances /  Work in Progress / Gatherings / Interactive Artworks in the city, just to name a few.

Entrance to these Amulet Encounters is free if you have an Amulet.



Want a unique Lente Amulet, drawn just for you?

Please contact me through this form so we can exchange some details.

You can pick the color you want your Amulet to be as well!



Because I don’t want your personal information to be stored anywhere on this website:

  • I will contact you for the payment. (€40,- incl. 21% tax + shipping)
  • You can pay with iDeal or PayPal.
  • For a secure Payment transaction I use []
  • We will exchange your address information through Email.
  • I will create your unique amulet once we rounded this up.


Looking forward to make one for you!.~